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Nasionale Minimum Loon | National Minimum Wage

Nasionale Minimum Loon Kommentaar op die wetsontwerp moet ingedien wees teen 20 Junie 2018. Die ACVV het as deel van NACOSS (National Coalition of Service Providers) en Lisa Vetten van Shukumisa Coalition/Wits City Institute weer ‘n omvangryke voorlegging aan die...


Violence is everywhere. More often than not it is silent, invisible and intimate. And many voices have been silenced forever because of violence, abuse and murder. Now is the time to speak out. We dare not remain silent; we must speak for those who have...

Child Protection Week 28 May – 4 June 2017

A child’s developing brain is like a tiny flower. If the flower is stressed, the flower wilts. If the flower is nourished, the flower blooms.   SIGN THE PLEDGE AND SUPPORT THE ACVV’S CHILD PROTECTION PROGRAMS! As a designated child protection organisation...

World Social Work Day – 21 March 2017

“There is probably no problem in human living that has not been brought to social workers in social agencies.  Problems of hunger  for food and of hunger for love, of seeking shelter and of wanting to run away, of getting married and of staying married, of wanting a...

Impact of ACVV Congress

Thousands will benefit directly from successful ACVV congress. Our recent ACVV Congress (30 August to 1 September 2016) impacts on our ability and motivation to be leaders in social service rendering to for more than 300 000 people: [gallery columns="2" link="file"...

ACVV celebrating 112 years of service

Through the tri-annual ACVV Congress (30 August to 1 September 2016) the ACVV celebrates 112 years of commitment to nurture, protect and develop with integrity those in need.

ACVV head office awarded training contract by DSD

The Departement of Social Development in the Western Cape awarded the ACVV Head Office the contract to train all other designated child protection organisations in the province in the SA Safety & Risk Assessment Program from April 2016.

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