Older Persons & Special Needs Programs

Enhancing the well-being and independence of older persons and those with special needs. Caring for those who are vulnerable and frail.
Older Persons Facilities

Residential care resources

Creating a home with care for 3 500 older persons in 64 facilities. These facilities provide 24 hour frail care services.

Community resources

Assisting and promoting independent living for at least 3 900 older persons attending 47 community-based day-centres. Services include meals, primary health care, assistance, medication, personal hygiene and care and social interaction.

Safe environment

Providing the opportunity to 3 160 older persons to live in 50 secure housing environments.

Special Needs Facilities

The ACVV has three programs for people living with disabilities, i.e.

  • A residential care facility for 45 women living with cognitive disabilities (Cape Town).
  • A community-based income-generating workshop for 30 people with both physical and cognitive disabilities (Graaff-Reinet).
  • A day care facility for 18 children and adults with both physical and cognitive disabilities (Robertson).
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