We nurture, protect and develop those in need

The ACVV is one of the oldest non-profit organisations in the social services field.

The ACVV consists of a National Council & Head Office (NPO 002 834), 115 branches in 4 provinces affiliated to ACVV National Council and 220 service programs across 5 service focus areas:

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Bottles of Ubuntu

Ubuntu speaks of our humanity and connectedness and recognises that our own wellbeing is deeply tied to the wellbeing of others. The national lockdown has had a devastating effect on the well-being of children and families and magnified pre-existing societal problems....

Nasionale Minimum Loon | National Minimum Wage

Nasionale Minimum Loon Kommentaar op die wetsontwerp moet ingedien wees teen 20 Junie 2018. Die ACVV het as deel van NACOSS (National Coalition of Service Providers) en Lisa Vetten van Shukumisa Coalition/Wits City Institute weer ‘n omvangryke voorlegging aan die...


Violence is everywhere. More often than not it is silent, invisible and intimate. And many voices have been silenced forever because of violence, abuse and murder. Now is the time to speak out. We dare not remain silent; we must speak for those who have...
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