For 112 years the ACVV has been committed to nurture, protect and develop with integrity those in need.

We are celebrating the change we bring to the lives of vulnerable people at our national triannual ACVV Congress from 30 August to 1 September 2016 at Goudini, Rawsonville.

Dr Shanie Boshoff - ACVV CEO

Dr. Shanie Boshoff – ACVV CEO

Over the years we have built on our strengths and experience to stay relevant in making a difference to South Africans in need. As the oldest welfare organisation in South Africa we are often asked the reason for our success. As a social service provider the strengths of the ACVV result in a sound record of service rendering and management.

Our Congress Theme is: Overcome the Challenges! As a social service provider rendering a very wide range of family care services in 4 provinces, we too battle many challenges. The problems people need to overcome spiral in the face of increased poverty, family disruption and violence. Our challenge to constantly adapt our strengths and stay relevant to the needs of our service users.

ACVV Congress

In celebrating our success we acknowledge:

  • It is only possible due to the continuous significant contribution made by more than 7 000 dedicated volunteers and 3 500 loyal personnel.
  • 114 ACVV legal entities with nearly 300 ACVV units ensure ownership and knowledge of local needs.
  • Organisational values signifying caring, learning, respect and accountability.
  • A sound record of rigid financial management.

Some highlights over the past 3 years:

  • The ACVV’s investment in Early Childhood Development carries great returns: Our learning program to 4 540 children 3 weeks to 6 years in 53 facilities has been accredited provincially. We now have a special stimulation program for babies and toddlers in collaboration with Learn2Live. Our Mobile Educare Bus reached 2 429 children and 2 217 parents, who would not have had access to structured stimulation.
  • Our input in structured child protection services impact directly in the lives of 33 100 vulnerable children in communities and 230 children in 4 child and youth care centers and 2 drop in centers. (This excludes indirect impact on families and communities.)
  • The ACVV has made a huge contribution to the social work profession and social service providers through our intensive training program on aspects of the Children’s Act. In addition to our in-house ACVV training, the Department of Social Development Western Cape awarded a contract to the ACVV Head Office for the training of other designated organisations.
  • Pioneer research on care given to Older Persons in ACVV’s 61 Residential Facilities was undertaken. Data from 23 000 questionnaires were interpreted. 11 000 older persons benefit from direct community and residential care services by the ACVV.
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