“There is probably no problem in human living that has not been brought to social workers in social agencies.  Problems of hunger  for food and of hunger for love, of seeking shelter and of wanting to run away, of getting married and of staying married, of wanting a child and of wanting to get rid of a child, of needing money and of wasting money, of not wanting to live and of not wanting to die…of feeling afraid, of feeling useless – all these and the many other problems of physical and emotional survival as a human being, come to the door of the social worker.” [Perlman].

March is Social Work Month with World Social Work Day on 21 March 2017.

With WSWD the aim not just to showcase the achievements of social work as a profession and increase its visibility, but also to highlight its synergies with social development, child protection and the protection of human rights of all vulnerable people.  Dit is dan heel gepas dat WSWD vanjaar op Menseregte Dag val.

The ACVV salutes every social worker for his/her dedication, passion and determination to help protect and safeguard South Africa’s vulnerable children, families & older persons under difficult and challenging circumstances.

We salute you for:

  • speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves
  • for bringing hope
  • for listening
  • for fighting
  • for more than often being the lone voice against maltreatment
  • for being the last defense
  • for healing and
  • for not giving up.

Social workers stand up for millions of people every day.

We ask you now to stand up, appreciate, support and celebrate our social workers and their support staff.  Thank you, colleagues: I salute you!  Baie dankie, kollegas:  Ek salueer elkeen van julle!

Nicolette van der Walt
National Manager:  Child Protection

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