Ubuntu speaks of our humanity and connectedness and recognises that our own wellbeing is deeply tied to the wellbeing of others.

The national lockdown has had a devastating effect on the well-being of children and families and magnified pre-existing societal problems. As the pandemic persists more children go hungry and suffer from malnutrition which adds to already high levels of child neglect and abuse. Also, with children not being able to go to school or access early childhood development programs, thousands of vulnerable children have been deprived of an opportunity of having access to food.

To help prevent child maltreatment and malnutrition the ACVV has launched the Bottles of Ubuntu project. In the spirit of Ubuntu, where your child is my child, we make an earnest plea for donations of soup mixture. Fill an empty coffee or canvas bottle or zip lock bag with soup mixture (see picture for ingredients) and drop off at your nearest ACVV social work office. Or you can contact the ACVV office to have them pick up either the ingredients or the filled bottles at your home or workplace. You can also contact the ACVV Head Office at 021-461 7437 for more info and the contact details of your local ACVV office.

You can make a difference and help put a smile on the face of a child.
When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.

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