Leadership & Training

By telling we forget, by teaching we may remember, by involving we commit to a lifetime of learning.
Leadership & Management

Leadership and capacity building of volunteers

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. It is an integral part of the ACVV’s organisational culture to keep abreast of relevant developments in the broader welfare field and to equip ourselves to manage our extensive services. The ACVV offers various opportunities for people to build their capacities to manage and be actively involved in social welfare governance and service delivery.

Leadership & TrainingThe ACVV Head Office, including our middle managers, specialize in:

  • informing
  • training
  • and supporting
  • volunteers and staff on an ongoing basis.

We use different platforms such as regional training sessions and regional conferences.  The highlight is the triennial ACVV Congress where volunteers and staff are motivated and inspired to keep nurturing, caring and serving.

Staff Training

Child Protection (internally and externally)

The ACVV is an accredited training provider on relevant professional social work aspects. We provide high quality training to build the capacities of our own social work practitioners, as well as those of our partners and role players in the child protection field. We adapt our programs to your training needs:

Introduction to the Children’s Act

Build knowledge & competencies on the implementation of the Act and child protection (4 days).

Safety & Risk Assessment of Children in the Child Protection Field

In-depth assessment of child safety & risk of abuse, neglect & exploitation to guide decision-making in the best interest of children (4 days).

The Experiential Learning Cycle in Group Work

Skills development on the Experiential Learning Cycle and implementation in intervention with children & families, application of reflective listening techniques, facilitation of groups and program planning (2½ days).

Parenting Plans

Knowledge and Skills on mediated agreements between parents in the best interest of children (1 day).

Strength-based developmental social work

Implementing a strength-based approach in social work intervention (1-2 days).

ECD & the Children’s Act

Understanding early childhood development within the parameters of the Act (1 day).

Early Childhood Development (ECD) (internally and externally)

Staff at ACVV Crèches, After school Care Centres and Play Groups are fully trained in Early Childhood Development and are screened against the National Child Protection Register as required by the Childrenʼs  Act 38 of 2005 declaring them fit to work with children. Regular in-service training is conducted to sharpen the knowledge and skills of ECD personnel  in order to improve the quality of care and education to children. A two day seminar is held annually to broaden all ACVV personnelʼs knowledge on the development and stimulation of young children.

Older Persons

ACVV Community-based and Residential Facilities for Older Persons are trained in caring and personal growth of older persons.  This includes compliance with policies and legislation regarding care and services to older persons and people with special needs.   We are planning to expand our capacity building in this regard.  Watch this space!

Community-based organizations (CBOs)

We share our knowledge and experience with several CBOs.  We see them as valuable resources in the vulnerable communities we serve.  We take hands as partners to make a difference in people’s lives.

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