Social Work & Child Protection Services

Children are the seeds that make the future blossom. Let them grow free of harm.
Early Childhood Development & Protection

The ACVV is one of only a few designated child protection organisations (DCPO) in South Africa.  In terms of the Children’s Act it means that the ACVV may render the full scope of child protection services, i.e. from prevention programs to statutory intervention.

Social Work Offices

  • 53 social work offices with 229 social workers & social service practitioners
  • 320 000 children and their families benefit from the ACVV’s social work services

Child and Youth Care Centre’s (CYCC’s)

  • 4 Child and Youth Care Centres (children’s homes)
  • 2 Drop-in Centres
  • 230 children benefit from our residential care and community programs
Early Childhood Development & Protection

Child protection Programs & Services

Strength-based development programs with a clear FOCUS ON CHILDREN under the age of 18 years and within a family context where child protection and family preservation are of equal importance.

Protection Program Levels

Prevention & Awareness programs

  • Child protection and prevention of abuse neglect & exploitation programs
  • Awareness promotion on the Children’s Act
  • Substance abuse awarenes
  • 16 Days of Activism
  • 66 Minutes of Service programs
  • Red my Lips campaigns
  • Shoe drives
  • Development of non-centre based ECD programs

Early Intervention programs

  • Wolanani Life Skills programs
  • Eye-on-the-Child programs
  • Risk & Safety Assessments
  • Mediation & Parenting Plans
  • Therapeutic Counselling services
  • Experiential Learning Group Work
  • Parenting skills development

Statutory intervention & Care programs

  • Children’s court proceedings
  • Safety & Risk Assessments
  • Removal of children to places of safety
  • Placement of children in temporary safe care, foster care, child & youth care centre programs
  • Adoption

Reintegration programs

  • Family preservation programs
  • Reintegration programs
  • Exit programs for children

Social Work PuppetsNational awareness programs to educate & enable behaviour change

  • Child Protection Month
  • One Day without Shoes
  • Red my Lips campaign re sexual violence
  • 16 Days of Activism re family and gender violence
  • Project Winter Hope
  • Mandela Day – 66 Minutes of Service
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